Functions and operation

The Smart Balancer 4 allows a quick, cost-effective, and highly accurate balancing of rotors in their installed condition, without requiring machine dismantling. It also comes with comprehensive diagnostic capabilities to keep you informed about the vibration condition of your machines, ensuring that your business operates smoothly and without interruptions, providing the best prospect for a
smooth and trouble-free outcome.

Make your work easier with ease of use

With the SmartBalancer 4, you always have everything perfectly under control - and in one hand. All of the device's functions can be operated easily and intuitively via a control pad and a few function buttons, even by inexperienced users. The brilliant color display with easy-to-understand pictograms and a simple file structure are based on the widely used Windows display. This makes the SmartBalancer 4 an efficient and practical tool for tracking down imbalances during operation.

Elevate your performance with the comprehensive balancing package

The basic scope of delivery contains everything you need for field balancing: the SmartBalancer 4 unit, 2 acceleration sensors, laser reference pickup with a magnetic stand, all required connection cables, the power supply unit/charger, and a USB-C connection cable. 6 channel upgrade and further advanced analysis functionalities are available as an option.

This makes SmartBalancer 4 an indispensable instrument in your business – an untiring worker and analyst.

A high-performance entity with a plethora of talents

The SmartBalancer 4 is characterized by comprehensive measurement and analysis functions that provide you with valuable services during operational balancing. It is also ideal for commissioning, servicing and maintaining machines and systems. From measuring, evaluating and diagnosing the condition of the machine, to assessing rolling bearings or impact tests, to documenting and archiving all results: The SmartBalancer 4 is a true all-rounder - far beyond field balancing.

Diagnosis of the machine's condition

SmartBalancer 4 offers a powerful two-channel FFT frequency analysis to determine the causes of vibrations. This breaks down the vibration frequencies occurring on machines into their harmonic components and displays them clearly in the form of a spectrum. The frequencies can be used to determine the causes of the vibration and identify unbalanced rotors.

For even more applications – Assessment of roller bearings (optional)

With the optional Advance Analyzer module, the SmartBalancer 4’s application range can be extended to include roller bearing assessment.

This module enables the instrument to perform envelope spectrum analysis, which detects periodic impacts resulting from roller bearing and gearing damage. The analysis is based on demodulating amplitude-modulated vibration signals. By utilizing this feature, you can plan ahead and take necessary measures at an affordable cost.

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