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The Smart VibroAnalyzer 90 is a small portable unit focused for data collection. The SVA 90 key features included are Speed Detection, Meter Mode, Diagnostic, Stroboscope, and Diagnostic Center Basic.

Vibration Analysis and Machine Diagnosis

Allow the Smart VibroAnalyzer 90 to be the expert for your balance of plant machines with the Diagnostic Module. The diagnostic module is standard in SVA 90, enabling you to automatically detect machine faults such as unbalance, looseness, misalignment, and bearing faults.

If the ISO 10816 or user defined alarm limits are exceeded the Diagnostic Module will specify the faults and severity  to detect the most common troublesome faults. If more detailed analysis is then needed to further diagnose the machine, additional measurements can then be taken from many available modules such as Analysis, Recorder, or Tracking, etc.

Extensive Analysis for all Operating Conditions

Early Detection and diagnosis of machine faults are key principles for planning and executing plant maintenance. With the Analysis Module, the user can select the type of measurement (from simple overall values to FFT’s and time signals, to more advanced measurements such as orbits using displacement/proximity probes) and set up multiple, synchronized, simultaneous measurements from all channels with settings such as frequency range, sampling rates and units.
The Smart VibroAnalyzer 90 frequency ranges of: 0.5 Hz to 25 kHz with (64 kHz sampling), respectfully, to identify most faults. 


This module visually "freezes" the movement of the machine and checks the rotating parts.

Detailed vibration analysis (optional)

If more detailed vibration analysis is needed, the Recorder Module allows the user to record live data from a machine and perform post-processing of the data on the unit itself.  The user can perform post-processing of the same raw timewave form multiple times allowing for a more precise analysis of a detected fault to determine the location and 
severity. In addition, the data can be transferred to a host computer with the Schenck Diagnostic Center Software for reporting.
(This module is not included in the basic equipment)

Assessment of roller bearings (optional)

Using the Analysis or Recorder Modules, envelope spectrum analysis can be performed, which detects periodic impacts resulting from roller bearing and gearing damage. The analysis is based on demodulating amplitude-modulated vibration signals such as EDS (Envelope Detection Signal) and BDS (Bearing Detection Signal). By utilizing this feature, you can plan ahead and take necessary measures at an affordable cost.

Clearly discerning machine resonances (optional)

With the Tracking Module, resonances in the system can be determined by the measurement and graphical display of the amplitude and phase angle of the rotational vibrations as a function of the speed. The Tracking Module uses the raw vibration signal and visualizes the amplitude and phase angle in a bode, Nyquist, FFT waterfall diagram, and numerical reading. This ensures dedicated balancing outside the range of machine resonances. 
(This module is not included in the basic equipment)

Route-based machine management (optional)

One of the fundamental principles of condition monitoring is data collection based on predefined alarm limits. The Data Collection module is used for the periodic collection of vibration data of the balance of plant machinery. Simply create a route tree with measurement points and locations in the Schenck Diagnostic Center Software and upload the route in the Smart VibroAnalyzer 90. With the uploaded route you are 
prompted by the unit to move from machine to machine with specific measurement points to efficiently collect data.
The Smart VibroAnalyzer will notify you of an alarm situation that can easily be reviewed on the unit to provide onsite feedback. After the route is completed, the collected data can be transferred back to the Schenck Diagnostic Center Software via USB-C cable to store readings, review trends, analyze data, and provide reports.
(This module is not included in the basic equipment)

Sound Vibration at its finest (optional)

Need to measure sounds inaudible to the human ear such as air leaks, electrical arcing, or early bearing fault detection? The Ultrasound module in combination with a microphone allows Smart VibroAnalyzer 90  to do just that.
(This module is not included in the basic equipment)

Avoid Unbalances in your Operations

New rotors may initially be balanced, before their first use, but their balance can be disrupted or affected due to various factors such as installation, wear, and operational influences. These unbalances can result in mechanical vibrations during use, which can cause premature wear of bearings, fatigue, force fractures, or shaft deformations. Fortunately, our Smart VibroAnalyzer 90 allow for highly accurate balancing of rotors in their installed condition without requiring machine dismantling. And this can be accomplished in 1 or 2 plane corrections operating at rotational speeds ranging from 30 to 250,000 RPM.

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