Smart VibroAnalyzer 90

3-Channel vibration analyzer, data collector, and much more

This compact, lightweight handheld vibration analyzer is ideal for efficient route-based data collection, and diagnosis of machine conditions with its built-in expert. The unit is designed to be customizable for your specific application/needs.

For predictive maintenance, machine assessment, and diagnostics

Vibration analysis is undisputedly regarded as one of the most effective and crucial methods for determining machine conditions. Consistently measuring vibrations enables the identification of faults and potential failures, reducing life cycle costs, and maximizing productivity.

The Smart VibroAnalyzer 90 is designed with powerful diagnostics capabilities including but not limited to multichannel synchronized vibration analysis, thermal imaging, ultrasound measurements, condition monitoring, and  balancing.

Flexible and versatile

With its extensive analysis capabilities the Smart VibroAnalyzer 90 and  can be used in a wide range of applications including power, process, and petrochemical industries. 
The Smart VibroAnalyzer 90 supports numerous inputs: triaxial sensors for quick data collection, velocity sensors for low speed of dampened signals, displacement sensors for orbits and centerlines, ultrasound probes for leak detection, acoustic or ultrasound microphones, current clamps, and other process inputs. 
The measurement and diagnostic capabilities of the instrument is unprecedented and ideal to maintain everything from your balance of plant machines to critical machines. The Smart VibroAnalyzer 90 even comes in an ATEX version for intrinsically safe areas.

Advantages at a glance

  • Basic vibration measurements included with base unit (Meter Mode
  • Modular in design – only buy the modules you need
  • 3 simultaneous measuring channels + speed
  • Vibration Assessment according to DIN ISO 10816-3 with Diagnostic module
  • Robust industrial cables
  • Built-in Infrared temperature and strobe light
  • 25,600 lines of Resolution
  • All sensor types accepted (acceleration, velocity, displacement, & triaxial)
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Realtime waveforms and FFT’s (Spectrum Analysis)

Quality assurance for Smart VibroAnalyzer 90

The Smart VibroAnalyzer 90 provides extensive possiblilites for vibration analysis and are a reliable companion – even in rough or ATEX enviorments. Nevertheless, the Smart VibroAnalyzer 90 is a high precision measuring instrument, which is used for direct machine evaluation. In order to ensure that the recorded data is reliable and verifiable, it is important to have the SVA 90 calibrated periodically and traceable.Complying with standards, this becomes a necessity to comply with standards such as DIN EN ISO 9001.
Protect your product quality and competitiveness with an examination of your Smar VibroAnalyzer 90 and prevent errors that shorten the life time of your machines.

Documentation and archiving made effortless

The Smart VibroAnalyzer 90 has a large internal memory that can store all measurement results and screenshots taken. Data can easily be transferred to your PC using a USB-C cable to the Schenck Diagnostic Center Software. The downloaded data can be further analyzed with symptom cursors and bearing fault frequencies from a database that includes more bearing fault frequencies. 
The Schenck Diagnostic Center can be upgraded to allow for creation of routes and management of custom report templates. This allows for independent processing of all results, and exporting of the results via e-mail.

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